In the beginning there was nothing, a tessellation of empty void from which there could be no definition... or so it seemed. Amongst all the nothingness, there were but two certainties, two supreme truths... these were Order and Chaos. As is the case in many of the great loves in life, these supreme opposites were destined to attract. The union of these two great entities would soon give birth to existence, a phenomenon that can only be defined as the nature of being. In a way, the union between Order and Chaos was the purest form of love, unconditional and perfect in every way.

With this union, Chaos brought matter, the defining substance behind all of existence. But what is matter without form? It is as empty as the nothingness which had otherwise engulfed the world. It is with the guiding hands of Order that this undefined and formless matter would be sculpted into what is known as existence. Over countless millennia, Chaos would provide the substance for existence and Order would give it shape. This eventually led to the formation of the first world.

The first world was pure; it was a creation of love, a child of the great Order and Chaos. Although, the living creatures and entities that would inhabit this world had all originated from the same existence, they could not help but all be a little bit different. The prominent traits of each of these creatures could be traced back to further subdivisions of existence, subdivisions known as the Eternals. These Eternals were the five basic components of existence: Body, Life, Mind, Spirit, and Death. They are undeniable laws and certainties in the world, destined to be at perfect balance and equilibrium. For if one falters, the others will surely follow.


As time passed, the inhabitants of this new world evolved, they formed civilizations and adopted complex values such as culture, tradition, and religion. The children of Order and Chaos were in perfect harmony, destined to grow, destined for greatness. With the dawn of culture, tradition, and religion came increased intellect and awareness. The creatures of the land became aware of their differences, but contrary to what may be expected, they were still united.

To celebrate their diversity, five factions were formed; five factions to honor each of the five Eternals from which existence was created. Each of the factions quickly elected leaders to guide them. The first leaders were elected based on their exemplary wisdom, compassion, and strength. These leaders were Tyros, Xor, Aria, Valeria, and Vladimir.

Some time would pass before the first council was formed. The council served as a means of gathering and communication between the five faction leaders. It was a place where they would discuss the successes and failures of their individual factions, collaborate, and aid one another to promote growth. It was truly a harmonious age for the world.


Although Chaos was proud of her children and all that they had accomplished, she could not help but feel forgotten and betrayed. For in her children she could see a very prominent reflection of Order, a harmonious society in perfect unity. In this world, Chaos was nothing more than a fleeting image.

Overwhelmed with her feelings of betrayal, Chaos grew jealous and enraged; she had refused to be forgotten. These emotions were immediately reflected in her children. For a world that was once in perfect harmony and peace, was now in conflict. Emotions such as rage, hatred, jealousy, all which had been foreign and unknown concepts to the world, were now a reality. Brother raised sword against brother, wife turned on husband, child struck father, and the world was at war. Order was crushed and broken-hearted to see his children slaughtering one another. The once perfect unity that was created by a single act of love between Order and Chaos was now in ruins.

As wars and conflicts in the world grew, so did the chaotic energies. Over time, these energies would concentrate themselves at the center of existence, and with this concentration would come new existence. Magnus was born. Regarded by some as the 'Champion of Chaos', Magnus is a being of seemingly limitless power, a being of pure destruction, the son of Chaos. With the birth of Magnus, Order could see that the world he had once helped guide and nurture would soon cease to exist, he knew that to save his children from themselves and that which they had created a great sacrifice would need to be made.


Order had tried to reason with Chaos, but her ears were deaf to his pleas. The satisfaction of seeing the world in her own image was beyond Chaos' logic and reason. Consumed by her vicarious nature, Chaos would lead the world, which she had once helped create, to certain doom. Trying to reason with Chaos, had taken its toll. Precious time was lost, and Order had grown weak while Chaos boomed with power. Order was left with no alternative; he would have to sacrifice himself in order to contain Chaos.

Order was aware that his sacrifice would mean the end for him, and that he would ultimately have no hand to play in the events to come, but he had faith in his children. He had faith, that even without his guidance they would surely find their way. They would stumble and they would fall, but they would also endure and they would learn. With a final selfless act, Order would make the ultimate sacrifice and contain Chaos in an eternal prison forged from the very fabrics of his being.

Order's selfless act resonated across the cosmos and would echo inside each of his children. With Order's final sacrifice, his children which had once waged war on one another, would lay down their arms and rejoice in harmony. Although this final sacrifice would be heard by the children of the world, it would not sway Magnus, for his was a path of destruction and he was the son of Chaos. With the threat that Magnus posed to the stability of the world, the leaders of the five factions were left with no other choice. Following in their father's footsteps, the five would ultimately sacrifice themselves to contain Magnus in what would later come to be known as the TerraForge. With their selfless act, Tyros, Xor, Aria, Valeria, and Vladimir would contain Magnus and ascend into the ethereal plane, never to be seen by the world again... or so the story goes...