Join the Alpha


At this time TerraForge is still under on-going development, but a polished Alpha demo for PC is available for people to play and enjoy. The core game concepts, mechanics and aesthetics of TerraForge are realized and displayed in the Alpha, but a number of key features are still being developed.

The Alpha allows you to use one of two pre-built decks, each showcasing an avatar class with different abilities. The game contains 50 beautifully illustrated playing cards that comprise the decks. You can battle your friends or other players online, or you can hone your skills playing against the computer.

Alpha keys will be given out in batches to those who have signed up. The key will allow you to create your account in-game in the TerraForge launcher. At this time you can download the install file by pressing the button below.


We are currently in the process of getting a code signing certificate. Until then your browser and OS may warn you that the "app is from an unknown publisher" and your anti-virus may even stop you from running the install file. Please disregard this if you wish to install the game at this time. Otherwise please wait for an update that will fix this.