What is TerraForge?

TerraForge is the first true MMORPG TCG experience on the market. It provides the satisfaction of expanding a wide collection of cards, that is typically only available in TCGs, with the progressive thrill of leveling a character, as is common to most traditional RPGs.

The first thing you will do is select an Avatar class. Each Avatar class is unique and very different, each of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. Whichever Avatar you select, they will act as your primary character in the game.

As you progress throughout the game, your Avatar will level, allowing you to unlock new abilities via an ability tree system. These skills will be used in conjunction with the wide array of creature and spell cards in your deck. Having a deck loaded with an array of creatures and spells working in conjunction the wide arsenal of Avatar abilities at a player's disposal offers for a seemingly endless number of combinations and strategies.

With the many different play modes and cards to collect, TerraForge offers virtually endless replay value and entertainment for all players.