United We Stand...

Strength is found in numbers. In TerraForge there are five greater factions. Since the dawning of the Great War, these factions have been in a constant power struggle over control of the land. Each of them draws on power from one of the five Eternals. This means that each also typically has a specific play style that comes along with it.

All of the factions have a rich history associated with them. Here you can find general information about the story behind each of them; their beliefs, motives, strengths, and weaknesses are all explained. However; to get the full, juicy and detailed story behind each faction, you will still have to play through the TerraForge campaign!


The Bloodsworn believe in only one thing, power. They are horde of warriors and conquerors from all continents of the world, led by the ruthless Azra. Unlike the other factions, which are predominantly composed of single breeds of life, the Bloodsworn accept anyone who can prove themselves worthy through a display of great strength. Traditionally, for one to prove themselves, one must survive the trials of the Crimson Arena. Under the watch of the divine Tyros, the Bloodsworn seek to conquer and expand the borders of Rahk'tar, to share the gift of eternal war and conquest. Unfortunately for the Bloodsworn, many of the other factions have a different opinion on this matter.

Purefire Legion

The Purefire Legion believes in order above all else. A militaristic faction led by the greatest General, Bogdan, a man who would stop at nothing to ensure that order is preserved. The Purefire Legion is predominantly composed of human soldiers. It is said that all men following Bogdan are bestowed with great power resonating from the Purefire, an ancient flame said to be inextinguishable by mortal means. Under the watch of the divine Xor, the Purefire Legion seeks to preserve order across the known world at any cost. To Bogdan and his legion, ideals such as territory, tradition, and religion are of little importance without order, and they will exercise this belief even if it means treading beyond the borders of their homeland, Othrond.

Syndicate of Mirros

The Syndicate of Mirros believes in the eternal expansion of knowledge, for without nurturing knowledge, one cannot grow. The Syndicate of Mirros is a secretive organization led by Baahus, an entity of whom very little is known about. Apart from the enigma that is Baahus, the syndicate is primarily made up of scholars and wizards; occasionally, the odd assassin and thief have been known to join the ranks of the syndicate. Under the watch of the divine Aria, the Syndicate of Mirros surveys and studies the rest of the world from the great observatory, known as the Sight of Targul. Their thirst for knowledge is said to be insatiable and they will stop at nothing to unravel the mysteries of the world.

Union of Et

The Union of Et follow the simple belief that all life is equal. This underlying belief means that the union must always remain leaderless. The fact that the union is leaderless had often left the other factions feeling that the union was, at its core, weak. The Bloodsworn in particular have crossed both the Argosian Sea and the Sea of Oratos many a time in an attempt to make their way across the borders of Vás Dorin. Under the watch of the divine Valeria, Vás Dorin still stands and the Bloodsworn assaults are yet to leave anything but a scratch on the barks of old oaks. Stories of the failed Bloodsworn assaults quickly spread across the lands, and as a result, the continent of Vás Dorin is now, although leaderless, considered to be completely impregnable.

Covenant of Draakus

Corruptors, deceivers, and destroyers; the Covenant of Draakus is by many considered to be a plague on the land. The Covenant is led by abominations and those that have been banished from the other factions. Under the watch of the divine Vladimir, the Covenant of Draakus seeks only one thing: to destroy the known world and begin anew. Unlike the other factions, the Covenant of Draakus has many leaders, all ruling over their own division of the covenant. Of the covenants leaders, the most infamous are Naz'rath and Asmodan, known by many as the Harbinger and the Graveborn. It is said that only those stricken with madness would cross the borders of Nuledzar, for to do so is to forfeit one's life.