Embark on an Epic Adventure!

So you've grown tired of player versus player combat... certainly that is what has led you here. Well if that is indeed the case, then it is time to raise your sails and let the winds of fortune be your guide. Be warned, this is not a task for the faint of heart. You will need to prepare. You will need to gather your crew and resources, and you will need to remember that this is going to be one long journey.

Solo Dungeons

In addition to classic player versus player arena, TerraForge offers a wide array of solo dungeons for players to explore. These dungeons essentially boil down to boss fights that revolve around rules often extending beyond the classic player versus player rules. The dungeon bosses are all equipped with a wide arsenal of cards and abilities that will often have unprepared players feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Dungeons are designed to be difficult, but not impossible. Players will have to use their wits and come up with effective strategies to overcome each of the dungeon challenges, as charging in blindly will lead to certain doom. If players can successfully defeat the dungeon bosses, they will have an opportunity to claim the spoils of victory. These special rewards consist of items and cards that can only be attained by defeating the dungeon bosses.

Group Dungeons

Although there are a vast number of solo dungeons to explore, there are some challenges that cannot be overcome alone. This is where the group dungeons fall into place. Group dungeons function very similarly to solo dungeons, in the sense that you will have to face against a strong boss adversary, however the strategies are very different. With group dungeons you will have to form a party with two other players and use your cards and Avatar abilities strategically as a team. The success of the party can only be ensured if every player carries their weight, whereas certain doom requires only one player to make a mistake. These group dungeons are unforgiving and require that each player in the party is familiar with the necessary strategies required to overcome these challenges. If the group is successful in completing the dungeon, each member will be rewarded with an opportunity to claim a special reward. These special rewards consist of items and cards that can only be attained by these means.