Customize Your Avatar

In TerraForge you are an Avatar, an embodiment of power to be worshipped by the creatures of the land. As you progress throughout the game you will level your Avatar, unlocking a wider array of abilities to be used in battle and ultimately growing ever more powerful.

Each Avatar has three discipline trees filled with abilities to master. Each of the three discipline trees caters to a different style of play. Specializing your Avatar's abilities in such a way that compliments your deck is crucial. Players may respecialize their Avatars and have all invested ability points returned.

In game there are three statistics associated with your Avatar that you must always remain mindful of: hit points, resource points, and lifeforce.

  • Hit points allow your Avatar to stay in the fight. When your Avatar's hit points reach zero, you lose the game.
  • Resource points allow your Avatar to use their abilities and are expended whenever an ability is used.
  • Your Avatar's lifeforce depletes with every second of the game that passes under your priority. When you have no remaining lifeforce, you lose the game.

Class Disciplines and Abilities

Think you've got a sound grasp of the way the Avatar's function? Want to learn more? Well look no further, here you can find out everything you need to know about each Avatar class and how to use their disciplines and abilities to improve your game.

Avatar Classes.

Disciplines and Abilities.