Prepare for Battle!

Victory is a justiciar favoring the strong. To be victorious in TerraForge, you will need your wits and a sound mastery of the rules and mechanics of the game. TerraForge truly is an MMORPG TCG gaming experience like no other.

In TerraForge you will take control of a mighty Avatar, a symbol of worship for the many creatures that inhabit the land. You will need to become familiar with the many abilities available to your Avatar and select the ones that best compliment your deck strategy, this will not be a trivial task, it will require patience, as well as careful study and analysis.

Mastering such a game may seem like a daunting task, but fear not, for you will be provided with a wide array of guides and tutorials to help you get started. When you're ready you will face off against other competitors in the Eternal Arena, in your quest for eternal glory.

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Cards and Rules

TerraForge is built on a sophisticated set of rules; you must become familiar with both your abilities and your restrictions in order to ensure victory. Here you can familiarize yourself with the components of a card as well as the current rules and any recent changes.

The game rules.

The card layout.

Define Your Avatar

It is not enough to simply build a powerful deck of cards, players must also familiarize themselves with their Avatars and their abilities. The best players will master the art of synergizing their Avatar's abilities with the cards in their constructed decks. Here you can read up on general information pertaining to Avatars as well the currently available Avatar classes and how to better use their disciplines and abilities to assure victory.

General Information.

Avatar Classes.

Disciplines and Abilities.

Explore and Plunder Dungeons

Do you grow weary of single combat? or perhaps you're just yearning for some adventure? or maybe you would just like to get together with some friends and explore some dark and murky caves? Well worry not, for TerraForge has just the thing for you! The exploration and plundering of massive dungeons is but a finger's click away. In TerraForge you may form a party with up to two other players and take a crack at defeating the horrors lurking in the many dungeons throughout the land. This is not a trivial task. Unprepared travelers will quickly find themselves overwhelmed and defeated; however, if you can successfully defeat the monstrosities, the splendor that awaits will certainly be worth the effort.